What Is World Wide Web

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What is World Wide Web ?

A www or World Wide Web site is a computer that is connected permanently to internet the World Wide Web site support specially formatted documents these called web page also called web sited. Each web site have a unique address, which called web address or Url.

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What is Url ? 

Url stands for uniform resource locator in the internet every file has a address which is called url 
Actually url represents an address of documents on the world wide web 
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URL  Mean 

uniform resource locator

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Components of a url :

Url consists of tow or more components for example the url bellow points tow different files  generally url - protocol + domain name + separator 

In the above url

http    =  protocol

://       =       separator

itilam =  domain

com   =      type of organization 

learn about web site what is website 

what is website in urdu

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