SEO Basics Tips for Ranking Better

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Course Content

  • 1. Introduction to SEO course
  • 2. SEO for Beginners Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • 3. Search results breakdown
  • 4. Black Hat vs White Hat SEO
  • 5. Link Juice
  • 6. SEO loading time
  • 7. SEO backlinks
  • 8. Social Signals
  • 9. SEO and domain history
  • 10. SEO keyword research
  • 11. SEO resources Keywords and Domains
  • 12. Keyword research Bing and Google Adwords
  • 13. How spiders see your website
  • 14. LINKS and the WEB
  • 15. Search Results
  • 16. Webpage Title tags
  • 17. Webpage description tags
  • 18. Hyperlinks Linking
  • 19. Webpage URLs SEO
  • 20. Image SEO
  • 21. website videos for SEO
  • 22. HTML heading tags
  • 23. Status Codes 404 errors
  • 24. Page Canonicalization
  • 25. Resources
  • 26. Website navigation strategy
  • 27. Sitemaps
  • 28. SEO content strategy
  • 29. Rich snippets
  • 30. Metatags
  • 31. SEO resources
  • 32. MOBILE ready websites
  • 33. Factors for SEO
  •  34. SEO tips more ideas
  • 35. Additional resources

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Lectures: 35 Video: 2 hours
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